Walee is Pakistan’s largest and fastest growing Influencer network. With over
50,000 influencers and a combined reach of 50+ million.

Walee enables brands and media agencies to connect with influencers and affiliates for executing online campaigns.

From a value of $1.6 Billion in 2016, influencer marketing is expected to grow to a value of $13.8 Billion worldwide in 2021. As similar growth trends are observed in Pakistan, this places Walee in a prime position to ride the wave and grow with the industry.

Walee’s influencer marketing solution acts as an online marketplace that connects multichannel networks and influencers with advertisers and media agencies. It also offers content creators a digital infrastructure to seamlessly find clients, show interest to partake in a campaign, execute on the deliverables, and recover payments all in one system. Walee runs a self-service model, removing the need for dealing with dedicated customer success or account managers.



Ahsan Tahir


Techpreneur with 10+ years of global experience in running data-centric teams and organizations, across Asia and the Pacific. Ahsan’s portfolio includes setting up marketing, sales, and Multi-Channel Networks automation platform for APAC’s largest B2B and B2C brands. Currently leading Walee, the region’s largest Influencer Marketing, and Social Commerce Platform.

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