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Hussain Naqvi

Director Buying

Dedicating twenty years to any organization is an impressive feat, and an increasingly unusual one. Indeed, spending two decades in a company requires passion, grit, and a special kind of temperament. Today, people know Hussain Naqvi as the Director, Buying for the group, but the journey to get there was even more rich and fulfilling.

Starting at the inception of the organization, Hussain set up and managed the Operations function for several years until 2015 when he was promoted to head Mediavest, and in 2019, as the Z2C Group was scaling rapidly, to the Director, Buying  role where he continues to be responsible for making buying decisions affecting one-quarter of Pakistan’s total advertising spend.

Hussain calls Z2C his ‘second home’ and is a treasure trove of experiences, stories and lessons learnt for current and new talent in the organization.

Cerrina D’Souza

Business Lead & Talent

Cerrina D’Souza has been the stabilizing force in the Group Human Resource function for the past 13 years. Having joined the Group in 2008, after a 13-year run at Maersk, Cerrina has been an HR Generalist for the Group, managing key HR functions such as end-to-end recruitment, compensation, training, and development. Cerrina has witnessed the evolution of the Group and has been instrumental in its growth by being the voice of reason and clarity in the usual chaos of high-growth environments.

A mother of 4, Cerrina embodies the work-life balance that is part of the Group culture.

Faisal Ilyas

Chief Financial Officer

Faisal Ilyas is one of the most well-known professionals in the specialized field of media finance in Pakistan. His journey with the Group started in 2002 when he joined as a young professional, after a small but successful stint in event management.

At Z2C, Faisal is responsible for the critical media finance function. He has built exceptional relationships with both clients as well as media owners, and has been instrumental in the Group transition from Pak Mediacom to Brainchild Pakistan, as well as the transition of clients like Telenor and Mondelez from other agencies to the Group.

He is passionate about cricket and captains the Group cricket team on the field and the Z2C finance team in the office.

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