bSecure is a payment platform which is convenient, user friendly, safe, and trustworthy.

There happens to be a vital issue in the rapidly growing ecommerce landscape in Pakistan. As online sales rapidly increase, the same problem is faced by many online purchasers, which is having a safe, convenient way to make payments. Currently, Pakistan depends heavily on the cash on delivery method which is plagued by many issues such as late settlements and a high rate of return orders.

bSecure is the direct solution to this problem, and building customer trust is their core objective.

bSecure is a one-click checkout solution for selling products across the globe instantly. bSecure brings everything together that’s required to manage and streamline the online checkout system for an instant buying experience. bSecure uses a security-centric approach with every transaction encrypted, never compromising on transparency of user needs and expectations.


Adam Dawood


Adam Dawood has been immersed in the regional eCommerce sector for the past 8 years. He was previously the CEO of Yayvo and Managing Director of At Yayvo, he grew revenue to Rs 2 Billion plus GMV within 3 years and is currently leading eCommerce projects at Z2C.

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